System (ISO8583 Interface) for processing the Tokenization and Digitalization requests between issuers/processors and Masterpass/Mastercard MDES digital platform.

  • Quick and easy integration of Issuers / Processors who want to process Mastercard MasterPass digital products and who need to validate the Digitalization and Tokenization messages with the current authorization system.
  • This process is between the MIP and the Issuer Authorization, capturing only the MDES Digitalization and Tokenization messages (TER, TAR, AC, TC, TV with MTI 01x0 and 02x0), letting the other messages passthrough between the MIP and the Issuer's authorization system in a transparent manner.
  • Processing of PAN / Token maintenance messages (MTI 0302/0312) when the Token Status is updated and / or the PAN Number or Expiration in the Issuer system is changed.
  • Webservice for the Token Maintenance/Life Cycle and Token Inquiry linked to a PAN from External Systems (Ex. Internet Banking (Mobile and App), Call Center, etc.).
  • Webservice for integration with Mastercard MDES Customer Service platform.
  • Integration with Issuer / Processor for Card / Account Status Inquiry, PAN / Expiration Inquiry, User details (email, phone, etc.).
  • CVC2 Validation (Issuer's HSM Integration).
  • PCI Compliant.
  • MDES integration