Experts in the delivery of cybersecurity services

Due to the rise of threat activities and criminal groups, the organizations must have continous visibility of their assets and cyber exposure, and the corresponding security risks in order to be ready for responding on time to any security breach.

All organizations with a digital presence are exposed to external threats and cybercriminal actors.

There is a hughe variety of threats that can compromise your employee, your customer and his data, your company and its image. We can assist you identifying those threats and getting your business ready for mitigating all the possible security risks you may face.
That's why we can offer you the following services and tools:

Cybersecurity consultancy services


Understand cyber risk, identify threats, implement and tune appropriate defences before they have any business impact

Cybersecyurity trainings


Our courses are developed to suit your needs, based on the experience we have


Honeypot X

A simple way to analyze attackers capabilities and improve cybersecurity controls with cyberintelligence information

Awesome Image


Accelerate the profiling and research process on forensic investigations in social media